Concept Space vs Action Space
1300 words
A look into what happens when we mix up descriptive categories with prescriptive ones. Problems from the same category may still have different solutions, and recognizing the similarities is insufficient for a solution.
Recognizing vs Generating
1987 words
Two core ways to categorize tasks are Recognizing and Generating. Though they may seem initially similar, they differ in the effort involved. This dichotomy is explains which ways of solving a problem are effective and which ones are just paying lip service.
Fading Novelty
2232 words
Fading novelty is when new things become old and dull after repetition. From foods to songs, we notice its presence. It also makes it harder for us to learn and practice certain skills.
300 words
Advice is when people, uh, advise you to do a thing which (they think) will be helpful for you. Sometimes it's a very specific thing in particular (e....
Good Self-Help Is Self-Defeating
1479 words
Self-help is supposed to get people to stop needing it. But the typical incentives in any medium mean that it's possible to get people hooked on your content, rather than learning from it.