The Gradualism Manifesto
  1. There's a general principle of taking things slow/reducing, which is interesting:
    1. Comes up in habit formation, where it takes a good amount of time for things to be made habits.
    2. Redutionism to break down big, scary tasks into smaller, more manageable ones.
    3. Rewarding small gains and gaining self-satisfaction to create virtuous loops
    4. Maintaining realistic expectations, progress is not a save point, or even net-positive.
      1. But it's about the integral.
      2. Or not? Depends on your values.
      3. For people who accept that they aren't always better today than they are yesterday, gradualism can be a useful tool to reorient when they find themselves off track.
      4. "Part of this balanced toolkit…for self-regulation and humans as control systems"
    5. Seems like a logical viewpoint. How else would you get big things done?
    6. related to 4, this reinforces a view where it's about doing good in the long run
  2. Is this all there is to it?
    1. Maybe some way to turn it into a more general life philosophy
    2. what are the key concepts here?
      1. reductionism
      2. rewarding small updates
      3. incremental progress
      4. tracking the progress
      5. knowing when to scale up
        1. is scaling up necessarily implied?
Last Updated: 2020-03-30 13:10