Last Updated: 2019-09-07 22:13

Work In Progress

  1. In Defense of the Obvious
    1. Rejecting the immediate gut response
    2. Reasons why obvious advice is good
  2. Pushing for Practicality
    1. If the point of advice is to act on it, how might you act on it?
    2. Asking questions about usability, examples
  3. Analogous Expectations
    1. Mental skills are procedural, not declarative
    2. Sports, other skills
    3. Operationalizing, avoiding conceptual pitfalls
  4. Q: What sort of advice does the above meta-advice select for/against?
    1. For: Advice with actionable components, things that you can do.
    2. Against: Advice that's about mindset changes, things about intuitions.