Personal Websites I Like

Maggie Appleton

  • illustrated essays with cool stuff about metaphors to visualize abstract tech

Julian Shapiro

  • illustrated essays about writing more, mental models, and other stuff
  • beautiful web design, 10/10

Gavin Leech

  • excellent essays on technical topics
  • nice use of accordions for progressive UX

Tal Yarkoni

  • excellent essays on the state of science and statistics

Nicky Case

  • sort of cheating because Nicky is very famous
  • incredible style of visuals
  • high-impact lessons in well-written explorables

Gwern Branwen

  • also cheating
  • you gotta check this out if you haven't already
  • so much content
    • sleep
    • drugs
    • ai
    • papers
    • genes
    • anime

Michael Nielsen

  • I should probably stop cheating and pick some more lesser-known gems
  • but seriously, this one's also a must-check-out
    • neural networks
    • quantum computing
    • the best HCI stuff

Ben Kuhn

  • effective altruism things
  • also some motivation things

Nate Soares

  • also cheating because this is not a personal site, per se
  • but very very very good stuff on motivation
  • actually incredibly high leverage, definitely read the stuff about Shoulds

Lynn Fisher

Alvin Wan

  • very nice pictures
  • good design

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First Published: 2020-06-13 23:20