Acceptance, Analogies, and Asymmetries

Three concepts that I seem to be using a lot lately are acceptance, analogies, and asymmetries. They feel like important building blocks that I use for decision-making, so I'm listing them out here. And, yes, I suppose they're probably also just obvious.

Acceptance is when you're "okay" with the state of affairs. I think it's a key component of being able to change your mind, updating towards the truth, or taking criticism. The point is that you're taking the way the world is and you're putting it into yourself.

Analogies can help you see inconsistencies by drawing parallels between situations. For example, if you often listen intently when one friend talks but are much more dismissive in your conversations with another friend, this is worth looking into. Either the parallel should hold and this points to something different you should be doing, or the parallel is off, and this points you towards examining why the two situations are not exactly comparable.

Asymmetries point at situations which are special. In the same way as analogies, they give us pause to question the way things are. For example, the typical student-teacher relationship has the student being instructed by the teacher. A stereotypical response to the reverse would be outrage and anger from the teacher.

Last Updated: 2019-08-08 18:04
First Published: 2019-08-08 18:04