Blogging Redux

Hey, yo, so I'm back to writing stuff for now. Or, sort of. I mentioned that I'd be taking a break for about three to four months. And now I'm back. I think that using Muse as a sort of thing for now is okay.

So what have I been up to in the interim? - Well, I tried living without thinking too much about searching for insights. And, that didn't work out that well. - I finally revamped mindlevelup, and I'm excited to be rolling out updated posts on the new site, but that isn't ready yet, and I'm also a little slow on updating old posts. If you're curious, though, here's the current link (no guarantees it'll keep working later on). - Working on a neural net implementation in Python. I'm feeling a lot more comfortable with the bare-bones implementation. Next is maybe looking into implementing an automatic differentiation library.

What have I been thinking about? Well, in the times that I have been thinking, I've been thinking about a lot of the same stuff: - Meditating on the medium, competing alternatives. The single greatest impediment to productivity in the modern world is the introduction of entertainment superstimuli. Almost everything around is a Skinner box. - Striving for some sort of minimalist aesthetic. Having less to worry about, less to carry around, etc. gives you more space to apply to other things. - There are more instances to act than social rules dictate. Awkwardness and double-tracking aren't as limiting as they seem.

Now, I feel like it's less about finding a time to write, and it's more about having stuff worth writing about. Of course, having the time to do it is important, but it seems like that searhc process doesn't even happen unless you want to do it in the first place.

(Shocker, you can only do the thing you want to do. Yes, we've gone Full Circle many, many times. Doesn't stop these insights from being useful, as it seems that, given that humans are leaky systems, we're not particularly great at holding onto everything. Even if growth is a coherent concept, it isn't contradictory to have a model where we're in a constant state of atrophy and loss. Although, oof, that ain't a great aesthetic.)

Last Updated: 2019-08-08 18:04
First Published: 2019-08-08 18:04