I Think I'm Feeling Less Scared of Apocalypses Now

A few years ago, I was viscerally scared by the thought of the world ending. It felt a lot closer than it does now. Also, since a few years ago, I've become a few years older. It's scary to think that this is probably one of the things that happens to you when you become more of an adult.

Propps to all the other EAs who can reckon with these feelings still even after whatever general-emotional-stability-boost-that-inadvertently-makes-it-harder-to-get-invested-in-dangerous-scenarios kicks in.

Given that I don't really feel this way, it's also been harder to tackle problems that relate to stuff in this scope. So effective altruism as a general philosophy feels less attractive, which also seems to suck. I think that...I've become more selfish in recent years?

I'm working on projects still, but they're not all interesting, and I feel like sometimes I forget to focus on the right goal of helping people.

This is worth spending more time Focusing on.

Last Updated: 2019-08-08 18:04
First Published: 2019-08-08 18:04